Dr. Dayne Sweres



Dayne graduated his Masters degree in Osteopathy with distinction at RMIT University. Since his studies he has been quite active in his continued professional development, learning relentlessly and honing his skills practically. 

Dayne returned to RMIT in 2016 as tutor for the teaching of manipulation techniques. He has always had a knack for explaining complex concepts, especially regarding the human body in a simple and logical fashion. This helps his patients understand what is happening with their body, why they’re feeling what they are and what can be done about it.

His approach to diagnosis and treatment is methodical and holistic and his focus is on effective relief of pain in the short term but creating healthier biomechanics and movement patterns to achieve long term sustainability. Dayne has a keen interest in treating and managing conditions which span from postural issues associated with sedentary desk work to sporting or activity related injuries.

In conjunction with skilful application of manual therapy Dayne offers postural advice, movement retraining and exercise rehabilitation methods to help get you moving well and feeling well for the long term.

“The greatest satisfaction for me is from getting people pain free and back doing what they enjoy."


Dr. Ashby Smith

B.HSc, B.HSc + B.ApSc (Osteopathic Medicine)


Ashby graduated from RMIT with a double degree in Health Science and Applied Science in the field of Osteopathy. He has also completed a post-graduate certificate in Dry Needling.

Growing up in a rich sporting environment he has been a part of many AFL, Cricket, and Volleyball teams, with Volleyball being his main passion. Last year Ashby represented Victoria in open men’s Volleyball in the Australian Volleyball League.

In the years leading up to his graduation as an Osteopath, Ashby worked in the fitness industry as an athletic performance coach.

Ashby has had experience working with various local Aussie rules clubs, oversees the athletic development program of the Mountain District Netball Association, as well as working on the medical team of Volleyball Victoria.

He has a keen interest in helping his clients overcome their injury in order to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. He uses many manual therapy techniques such as manipulation and soft tissue during treatment, as well as different exercise approaches to effectively and consistently manage his clients’ issues.

Asbhy enjoys treating patients of all ages and fitness levels. He is interested a wide variety of conditions that span repetitive strain injuries associated with occupation, to postural decompensations, along with the rehabilitation of sports injuries.

In his spare time Ashby enjoys getting down to the beach for a surf, and loves having a kick of the footy.