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Our Wellness Centre

Our clinic operates upstairs at GW Performance Gym in the heart of South Yarra. Our beautiful private consultation suites are partnered with a large open plan gym supplied with the highest quality equipment required to assess your strength, flexibility and movement patterns and prescribe you a treatment and management plan that will ensure the best long term outcome for you and your body.

GW Performance has 7 highly trained coaches who are able to provide you with a thorough movement fundamentals program which helps you identify flaws in your posture and movement patterns which may be applying excess stress on your muscles and joints and predisposing you to injury when you exercise. Completing these sessions also allows you to join in on the group CrossFit classes along with the Strength and Conditioning classes should you decide to.

Also available in our multidisciplinary centre is Dr. JW Wellness. DrJW Wellness provide weight loss consultations and is proud to be the first centre in Melbourne to offer the OndaCoolwaves™ body contouring system. It is the latest revolution in non-invasive body contouring, offering a non-surgical, high efficacy procedure with no downtime

Further information about GW Performance and Dr. JW Wellness can be found through the links below: